Cowboys' picks have captain backgrounds

IRVING, Texas – Jason Garrett did not invent the term “right kind of guy,” but the Dallas Cowboys head coach certainly uses it a lot.

It does not mean a team full of choir boys, but leadership is part of the criteria. Of the Cowboys’ nine draft picks, nine were captains on their college teams.

Zack Martin, the first-round pick, was a two-time captain at Notre Dame. Anthony Hitchens (Iowa), Devin Street (Pittsburgh), Ben Gardner (Stanford) and Ahmad Dixon (Baylor) were captains last season.

“You want guys who are good people, certainly, but you want guys with great football character; guys who love to play, who have a passion for playing,” Garrett said after the draft. “When you think about describing a lot of these defensive guys: they’re all physical players, they all love contact, they love to play the game, they’re well respected by their teammates and their opponents, you hear great things about them from their coaches. So those are kind of guys we want on our team.

"We’re trying to build a culture. One of the great opportunities you have to build a culture is these last three days. Who are you going to bring in? I can sit here all day long telling people what I think is important in football, what we want this team to be. I tell our players that all the time. But then if we bring in players who don’t really fit that, it becomes meaningless. So we feel it’s important to have guys who love this game, who have a passion for this game, who want to work at this game and are just football guys. And we feel these guys are that.”