Cowboys heat up hamstrings

IRVING, Texas -- Hamstring injuries were a common theme for the Cowboys in 2013. At least 12 players had some sort of hamstring problem.

During offseason workouts this spring and summer, some position players were wearing tights to keep their legs warm and in some cases using heat spray on their legs.

At one practice last week, wide receiver Dez Bryant had both legs sprayed.

A team official said some players need extra maintenance.

"We really haven't been talking about it amongst each other, about, oh, how are we going to tape our hamstrings," Bryant said. "I think everybody knows how important it is to keep your body right. And I think that's exactly what all of us have been doing. We've been making sure everything is good."

Dwayne Harris and Bryant wore tights under their shorts during practices at Valley Ranch last week despite the warm temperatures.

The Cowboys are doing extra stretching, bringing in parallel bars to help players with their flexibility and monitoring the amount of running being done.

Bryant has never been a player the team has had to worry about in terms of being in shape.

"I'm going to continue to keep doing what I'm doing," he said. "It's important to me to be in the best shape I possibly can be. And make sure the rest of my teammates, they are in shape too as well, especially the wide receivers. I'm really not trying to go into camp taking a step back. We're trying to build not only me but help the rest of the guys build off what we learned from OTAs, minicamp and go from there."