More than Tony Romo to make debuts

OXNARD, Calif. -- Tony Romo will not be the only member of the Dallas Cowboys’ offense to make his preseason debut Saturday against the Ravens.

Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten and Lance Dunbar will also play for the first time.

“Let me tell you right now, I can’t wait,” Bryant said. “Not me, but the offense just been waiting patiently. Me personally, I’m tired of going against the same guys, our defense. I’m ready to see another color.”

Like Romo, just how much they will play is not clear. After sitting out the Hall of Fame Game last year, the starters played two series in the Cowboys’ second preseason game, but without the extra preseason game this year, that plan could change. Typically, they play into the third quarter for the third preseason game and do not play in the final preseason game.

Murray had 19 carries for 73 yards in two preseason games last year.

“I think they know what’s best for me and best for this team, so whatever they tell me to do or decide to do for me and this team, I’m up for it,” Murray said. “But I want to play.”

Witten is going into his 12th season, and even though it is just a preseason game with limited action, he is excited for his first action.

“To get it to carry over to the games, I think that’s where your confidence comes,” Witten said. “So many times people say you have to believe what you want to accomplish, I think it comes from the confident you have. It’s been a good camp, and we have to continue to build on this. We’re not a good enough team to think we’re just going to roll out there Sept. 7 and have a chance. We have to continue to build. I think our football team is pretty resilient. Coach [Jason] Garrett has really pushed up. We have a group of guys who work hard every day. That’s exciting and fun to be a part of.”