Cowboys' talent search will continue

IRVING, Texas – The next time the Dallas Cowboys practice, they will be down to 53 players, but the 53 players kept by Saturday’s cut-down day won’t be the same guys around on Monday.

The Cowboys have said several times that they will actively scour the cuts across the league in an attempt to improve the bottom and in some cases the middle of their roster.

“We’ve always said that the competition is among the guys who are on the team trying to make the roster but also with guys all around the league who may or may not be available to us,” coach Jason Garrett said. “This is a day when we’re cutting from 75 to 53 and 31 other teams are doing the same thing, so there will be a lot of good football players out there and our guys do a really good job finding out about these guys and knowing about them and seeing if they fit. That’s been something we’ve been able to do the last few years. I think it’s helped our team. So we’ll certainly go through that process once this day gets going.”

The Cowboys added four players after the final cuts last year and added a fifth the day before the season opener.

Earlier in the week executive vice president Stephen Jones said the Cowboys would not limit how many players they add through the waiver-wire or free-agent processes after the final cuts.

“I think you just have to be careful with that idea that you don’t want go too crazy with something like that,” Garrett said. “You’ll want to pick some guys that you think can play a particular role early on for your team. Again, we’ve been able to do that, whether it’s a special teams guy or maybe the guy’s played in the system before. Maybe you know the guy from the past. If there’s a good fit somewhere, we’re certainly open to that. We’ve done that before and it’s been good for us.”