Marinelli, Cowboys seeking turnovers

The Dallas Cowboys didn't force a turnover against the San Francisco 49ers. No one should be surprised they lost.

Dallas has lost 18 consecutive games when it didn't force a turnover, a span of 76 regular-season games. The last time the Cowboys won a game in which the defense failed to force a turnover, they needed 250 yards receiving from Miles Austin to rally against the Kansas City Chiefs in October 2009.

It hard to win in the NFL without turnovers because of the momentum they generate and field position they produce, which is why defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli has increased the focus on turnovers the week.

The Cowboys work on turnover drills during the individual period of every practice, but the intensity has been increased this week.

“We ended up playing solid as a defense. We didn't make enough plays,” Marinelli said. “We kind of played the defense.

“We hustled. We hit. We were fairly physical but we need the back row to get the picks and lock them down. We need the front to make the sack fumble and the linebackers to get a pick when they have it. We gotta get the playmakers to step up, and that's the challenge this week.”