Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: Sure, if they had the benefit of what DeMarcus Ware would do. I've been on record saying they should have kept Ware and could have done so, in my opinion, with a deal that guaranteed him $16 million over a three-year span. The Cowboys do not have a pass-rusher who can fall out of bed and get six sacks in his worst season like Ware or get 10 sacks in a good season or 12 sacks in a great season. I'm sure Ware is benefiting some from having Von Miller opposite him but I think he is also benefiting from having an offense pile up a lot of points. It's easier to rush the passer when the opponent is mostly playing from behind.

@toddarcher: I think he's done well. Everybody wants to look at the sack total, but I think he's had a strong start in his first two games. He's still looking for his first sack, but that's OK. It will come. He is physically stronger than I thought. He's not a pure speed guy. He can play with some power. He's got to find some more moves but you can say that about every rookie pass-rusher. And I used the key word: rookie. You can't expect him to solve all of the pass-rush problems at such a young age. He will get more comfortable as he goes along and the Cowboys will benefit from it. I wouldn't be down on Lawrence at all.

@toddarcher: He's been OK. I've been a proponent of Spencer's through the years. I think he is a better player than people really believe. I do wonder if he is better suited to play the 3-4. He's a pretty versatile player. He is coming back from a serious injury and he's doing fine. You'd like to see more production from a veteran, but he's not been a problem. As for his future, there is no worry about a franchise tag for him. If he comes back it is a short-term deal. The Cowboys might view him as a bridge player as they continue to rebuild their defensive line through the draft.

@toddarcher: In order to see more of Gavin Escobar, who do you want to see less of? There are only so many opportunities to go around and with how the Cowboys are running the ball it's impossible to get Escobar a ton of catches. Jason Witten is on pace for the fewest catches and yards since his rookie year. Even he is being impacted by it. The Cowboys use a lot of 12 personnel, but they do it to run, and blocking is not Escobar's strength -- even if the Cowboys say it has improved. The Cowboys will go with Witten and James Hanna mostly. Hanna is a better blocker. The problem I had with taking Escobar in the second round was the fact that they have not transformed their offense the way they talked about. This did not become what the New England Patriots did with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Escobar is a niche player and you can't take niche players in the second round.

@toddarcher: I'd go with Sean Lee at weak side, Rolando McClain in the middle and Justin Durant on the strong side provided the Cowboys are able to re-sign McClain and Durant. That might prove difficult but we'll see. Now, what about Anthony Hitchens? I like what he has done a lot, but I view him more as a super sub. He can play all three spots and do well. Would I like him as a 60-play-a-game guy for 16 weeks? I don't know. Sorry if I'm slow to the Hitchens party, but it's just my feeling right now in the middle of November.