Jason Witten: Sideline shouting no big deal

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Believe it or not, Dez Bryant isn’t the only Pro Bowl pass catcher on the Dallas Cowboys who occasionally engages in animated discussions on the sidelines.

The Fox cameras caught Jason Witten in an animated conversation with tight ends coach Mike Pope on the sideline after the Cowboys’ touchdown drive in Thursday’s loss to the Eagles.

Actually, the cameras never showed Pope say a word. The conversation shown to the national television audience consisted of Witten hollering at his position coach.

“Oh, we were just talking about a play,” Witten said. “It wasn’t anything other than I get excited out there and talking about it. Nobody loves [Pope] more than [me] what he’s done for me, so there’s never any argument or friction between us. There’s just a lot of excitement and emotion and we’re talking through it.”

Witten, a consummate professional throughout his 12-year career, has earned the right to be taken at his word.

The reality is that these kind of conversations take place every week on every NFL sideline. They just seem to get more attention when certain players do the shouting.