Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 1

IRVING, Texas – Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: If you're asking about my faith, then I believe the Cowboys will be OK if they look to Randle to carry the load. I've liked him as a running back since he got here. He's not always made the wisest choices off the field, obviously, but he has a lot of talent. He's an instinctive runner and a really good fit for this offense. I don't believe he would lead the NFL in rushing like DeMarco Murray is at this point of the season, but I think he would have more than 1,000 yards by now. I might have just wasted a lot of breath, however, because I believe Murray plays Sunday even with his broken hand. It's just a gut feeling. Do I expect 20-25 carries from Murray? No. I think you'll see a closer split between him and Randle this week.

@toddarcher: I think he gets it, yes. And it would be incredibly impressive because of how much the Cowboys have run the ball this season. Tony Romo is averaging 29 passing attempts a game. He averaged 36 attempts in 15 games last season. Terrell Owens set the team record with 15 in 2007 after Frank Clarke (14) held it for 45 years. With Murray banged up, the Cowboys could look to Bryant more, and he is already a feature in the tight red zone. Just as Bryant wanted some redemption against the Philadelphia Eagles, I think he will want even more in the season finale against the Washington Redskins. They held him to three catches for 30 yards in the first meeting.

@toddarcher: I think Luck is pretty good against any defense, but I do have some wonder about why he has so many interceptions for an elite quarterback. That's for a different question. As for pressuring Luck Sunday, maybe the Cowboys can petition for the use of a 12th defender. I kid. I kid. But perhaps a bigger help will be Indianapolis' offensive line. It's not very good and certainly doesn't compare to Philadelphia's and the Cowboys had four sacks last week. There isn't a scheme the Cowboys can come up with to put pressure on a quarterback at this time in the season. They are what they are. When they do blitz, they don't get home often enough. They need their front four to win more one-on-one battles. If they do that, then they'll have a chance. If they don't, it could be a long day.

@toddarcher: To me there are a couple of reasons. Second-round pick DeMarcus Lawrence missed the first eight games because of a broken foot in training camp. He's played just five games this year. I think his season was set back because of injury but if you listen to the coaches they've been pleased with what he's done even if he doesn't have a sack. Five of the Cowboys 10 picks came in the seventh round, so you're not going to see a ton of production from those guys. Devin Street, their fifth rounder, has been active every game, but he is not going to get a lot of passes thrown his way with how the offense is constructed. Zack Martin has been one of the best rookies in football. Anthony Hitchens has done well in a myriad of roles. Those two picks have worked out. There needs to be some patience with Lawrence. Overall, the class has been fine. It would be better in the future if they get something from seventh-round defensive linemen Ben Gardner, who is on injured reserve, and Ken Bishop, who is on the practice squad.

@toddarcher: There is time. Free agency doesn't start until March. I think you'll see the Cowboys begin more earnest talks with the agents for Murray, Rolando McClain and Bryant in January, depending on how long the season goes. They tend to use sites like the Senior Bowl and Combine to talk to agents. Now just because they're talking doesn't mean a deal will be quick. When players get this close to free agency oftentimes they want to see what the market will provide for them so getting a contract done is a little more difficult. I agree with you on the franchise tag for Bryant and I've been saying that since the summer. The cases of Murray and McClain are slightly unique because there has to be some caution about overpaying either player for different reasons. Normally these things go to the wire before free agency begins. If something gets done, I would guess it would be in that witching hour.