Tony Romo's relentless work ethic paying off

IRVING, Texas -- For years, the dumbest criticism of Tony Romo was that he played too much golf and didn't take his job seriously enough.

Those types of perceptions were created, in part, because of Romo's notorious trip to Cabo San Lucas during the wild-card weekend in 2007, which preceded the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the New York Giants. And he didn't help himself after a 44-6 loss to Philadelphia in a win-and-get-in game when he said, "If this is the worst thing that ever happens to me, I've had a pretty good life."

Now that Romo's had his third season with a touchdown/interception differential of plus-20, there's some thought that Romo is putting in more time than ever on his craft and it's paying off.


Romo has always spent the offseason trying to perfect the nuances of playing quarterback. A lot of times it would be stuff so subtle that you wouldn't notice unless he told you.

But he's always been like that. The details of the position have always intrigued him.

We're talking about a player who often points at receivers as though directing them downfield, when he really wants to go somewhere else with the ball but doesn't want the defense to know.

He did that on a touchdown pass to Witten against the New York Giants earlier this season

"Football has been very, very important to him since I met him," Jason Garrett said. "He's a gym rat. He loves to be around it and he's always trying to get better. He's put a lot into this for a long, long time.

"So whatever the outside perceptions are, are really irrelevant. He's been all-in during his entire career that I've been around him."