Cowboys linemen excited to work with Frank Pollack

PHOENIX -- Travis Frederick is looking forward to many things about attending this week's Pro Bowl, but he is hoping he gets to play with the Dallas Cowboys coaches again this week in part to get a head start on 2015 with his new offensive line coach.

Frank Pollack had been the assistant offensive line coach for the last two seasons but was promoted to the head spot last week when Bill Callahan left for the Washington Redskins.

"I think it makes [the transition] pretty seamless, probably as seamless as it can get," Frederick said. "You're moving Frank from the assistant role, but he was very involved throughout the year. Obviously, Bill was on top but those guys worked very well together and everything they did was together with us. I don't see a huge transition this year at all."

Said Zack Martin, "He wasn't just around, he was coaching a lot too. Every day he either took the guards and tackles and Coach Callahan went with the other group. It's not like he wasn't coaching us already."

Frederick and Martin are one of three Pro Bowlers Pollack inherits, along with left tackle Tyron Smith. In 2013, Pollack spent more time with the linemen with Callahan devoted more to his offensive coordinator duties.

"A lot of it is very similar and a lot of it we learned two years ago, my first year when Coach Frank was spending a lot of time with us than Coach Callahan was. I think it'll be reverted back to that a little bit, but coach Pollack has really grown as a coach."

The transition will be seamless for the coaches as well.

"I think it's a natural fit," offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. He was able to work for and under Bill, which is there's no better training, so that's going to be a part of it. The year last year meant a lot as far as how we work together and what the expectation is for everybody and I just think it'll be a seamless transition for him to step in there. I know he's got all the support and respect of those O-linemen. They know he's a very gifted coach."