Scott Linehan's work pays off with new deal

PHOENIX – Scott Linehan wouldn’t say he was betting on himself when he decided to join the Dallas Cowboys in 2014 with a one-year deal.

“That’s probably a little dramatic,” Linehan said.

But Linehan’s one season of work showed the Cowboys what Jason Garrett already knew: He was among the best play-callers in the NFL. Tony Romo had his best touchdown-to-interception ratio. DeMarco Murray led the league in rushing and broke the franchise’s single-season mark with 1,845 yards, and Dez Bryant caught a team-record 16 touchdown passes.

“I had other options, but there was no better options regardless of the term of a contract than to be able to join this franchise with the current state of the personnel and felt the coaching staff was obviously strong before I got here,” Linehan said. “So I just felt like it was a no-brainer at the time and the guys played their butts off and we had a really successful year. It wasn’t what we wanted at the end, but it was great. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

The Cowboys’ success helped generate interest in Linehan as a head coach again -- the Oakland Raiders had hoped to interview him -- but there was little doubt he would remain with the Cowboys once that chance dissolved.

“I told somebody I don’t think I ever had as much fun as I did last year coaching,” Linehan said. “There were a lot of things. It wasn’t just the winning. It was the way the organization is run and the day to day and working for Jason [Garrett]. All of those things have been great.”