Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 1

IRVING, Texas – Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

Away we go:

@toddarcher: This is a difficult question to answer, because whatever I say will not be right. First, we don't know what the 2015 salary cap will be. Second, we don't know what moves the Cowboys will make to create room. We can guess at restructuring Tyron Smith, making Brandon Carr a post-June 1 cut if they don't get him to agree to a pay cut and not picking up Henry Melton's option, which I think is a sure bet. But the Cowboys don't look at it the way you and I look at it. They don't say, 'We have $10 million in cap room, let's sign these guys.' To them, cap room is always changing depending on the plan they devise. I think the best way to answer the question is this: The Cowboys will be able to do whatever they want to do in free agency and the cap will not limit them in any way.

@toddarcher: The easy answer is no, they're not, but it's not an easy question. Is it realistic to expect DeMarco Murray to lead the league in rushing again? I don't know. To some, running backs are like shooting guards in the NBA. You can always find a guy. Well, maybe, but you can't find a guy who has the value to the team like Murray. And that's the biggest thing the Cowboys will have to figure out. Sure, Joseph Randle might be able to get you 1,300 yards, but can he do all the things that Murray can do? Not really. When Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Murray was the person who set the identity of the team, I don't think you can take that lightly. But I don't know how you put a price tag on that, either. We've seen running backs be devalued over the last few years, but Murray's value to the Cowboys is probably greater than he would be to another team. It's a real dilemma, and the Cowboys can only be wrong. If they sign Murray and he continues to play at a high level, we say nothing. If they sign him and he falls off, they will get hammered.

@toddarcher: I think we all need to tap the brakes on this one. It seems like we're just trying to add 2+2 and say it equals Adrian Peterson. First, he is not a free agent. We don't know if he'll be a free agent. Second, he's not coming cheaply. If the Cowboys don't want to pay Murray, then why would they pay a huge price for a great running back, but an older running back with more tread on his tire and with some off-field baggage? We've seen the Cowboys change the way they deal with things financially. In the past, maybe they would make a run at a player like Peterson at any cost. Now? I'm not so sure it's a given. And remember, he is still a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

@toddarcher: Well, there has to be somebody worth trading up to get. It's too early to really know how that will go obviously, but I believe in having more picks, not fewer. However, I don't know if you want to move down so much that you take yourself out of the running to get a good player regardless of position. That's hurt the Cowboys in the past. It helped them in 2013 when they moved down for Travis Frederick, but it almost cost them because there was a run on offensive linemen and he was the last man standing, so to speak. But they also got Terrance Williams in that trade. I don't think this team is so stacked at any spot where they should just focus in on one position and damn the rest. If the best available at No. 27 is an offensive tackle, take the guy. You can never have enough good players.

@toddarcher: I thought he was good. He had some pass-protection issues, but in the run game he was more than solid. He has been everything you could have hoped for from an undrafted free agent, albeit one that secured a large amount of guaranteed money when he signed. His knee has not really been an issue, but you never know about the long term. He is an exclusive-rights free agent, so the Cowboys will have control of him for the next two years. I wonder if they approach him about a long-term deal at modest money just to make sure he stays put. The Cowboys would be wise to do all that they can to make sure this line stays put for years to come. Tyron Smith is signed through 2023. Travis Frederick is signed through 2017 and Zack Martin is through 2018. That should be a pretty good run.