Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: I'm not sure where you get he's "always been 10-15 pounds overweight," from other than maybe an eye test. He was not in the best of shape going into the 2013 season. That's why he was "uniquely running mountains" as Jerry Jones called it. I think he was in better shape going into this season in part because of the rehab he had to do for his back surgery. He has never been a physical specimen. He's not going to show up and look like Colin Kaepernick all of a sudden. But I think he knows he has to do a better job with his core at all times of the year in order to make it through a full season.

@toddarcher: I'm guessing you are presuming DeMarco Murray will not be part of the Cowboys in 2015. It was noteworthy that the Cowboys gave Williams $240,000 in a bonus as part of the two-year deal he signed after the season. But that would hardly keep the Cowboys from going after a running back in the draft or a more proven -- if less costly -- veteran in free agency. I think some of the reason why the Cowboys gave Williams that bump in pay was something of a thank you for not leaving when other teams tried to sign him off the practice squad. Williams was smart to stick around, especially if Murray doesn't return. He had a good preseason last summer but was caught in a numbers game when it came to the 53-man roster. I think he could be caught again in that situation depending on how things shake out.

@toddarcher: It's going to be a long haul for Claiborne. He can ask Williams about the rehab because he went through the process when he played for the Arizona Cardinals. From what I've been able to gather, you won't see him on the field in the offseason program and he might not be ready for the early part of training camp. It's more complicated than a comeback from, say, a torn anterior cruciate ligament. There is a lot of stress on the tendon because of the nature of the position. Time is the best healer, but building up strength is a must too. This is a big year for Claiborne for a lot of reasons but for him personally it's a contract year. He's already made plenty of money in his career. Now it's about showing he can have a lasting career.

@toddarcher: Cole Beasley has handled some punts. Lance Dunbar has done some kickoff work. Those guys are restricted free agents, but I'd expect both to be back. Joseph Randle can do it a little bit, buf he might have a larger role as a running back depending on what happens with DeMarco Murray. Terrance Williams has worked on kickoffs in practices. So has J.J. Wilcox. None of those guys are as proficient as Dwayne Harris. I think the Cowboys would like to keep him, but I do wonder if he wants to find a chance to play more as a receiver. At best, he comes back as the fourth receiver for the Cowboys in the 2015 season.

@toddarcher: I like Brett Hundley too, but I don't see the Cowboys taking a quarterback early. Maybe in the middle of the draft or even late they take a guy, but I don't think the Cowboys start the process of finding Romo's successor until they have driven all the way down the road with him as a quarterback. It's a nice theory to draft a guy and have him sit and learn, like Aaron Rodgers did in Green Bay, but the Cowboys need those early picks to play right away to maximize what Romo has left. Taking a quarterback would mean one fewer player the Cowboys can use on defense or on the offensive line or at running back. The Cowboys will find Romo's successor when they no longer have Romo, in my opinion.