Latest Todd McShay mock: Cowboys go with running back

IRVING, Texas – ESPN Insider Todd McShay has his second mock draft available and he has changed not only his selection, but also the side of the ball when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys.

Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon is McShay’s pick.

Clearly that only happens if DeMarco Murray is not retained as a free agent. I think McShay goes too strong when he says it would be “awfully difficult” to keep Murray and Dez Bryant when the Cowboys will have all the cap space in the world to do so.

If Murray is allowed to walk, it will be because the Cowboys did not want to pay top dollar for a running back.

But the logic in selecting Gordon is sound. He looks to be a terrific fit for the way the Cowboys want to run the ball.

If you are an Insider, click here for the full mock recap. Here is part of what McShay said about Gordon:

"Gordon's running style is very similar to Murray's; he runs hard, is a work horse, gets from 0 to 60 in a flash and shows great vision and patience as a runner. He isn't great in pass protection or as a receiver, but he's getting better."

McShay also believes the Cowboys need help at cornerback, defensive line, tight end and receiver, depending on the Bryant situation.

I’ll give him cornerback and defensive line, but they won’t make a big commitment to another tight end in meaningful rounds. James Hanna is a solid second tight end. Gavin Escobar can fill a role. Someday, Jason Witten has to slow down, but I just don’t know when that day will come.

In his first mock draft, McShay had the Cowboys taking Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson, who was not among the first 32 picks in his second mock draft.