Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 1

IRVING, Texas -- Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

Away we go:

@toddarcher: Let’s get to the news of the week with Joseph Randle off the bat. I don’t anticipate a quick decision by the Cowboys on what to do with Randle. I think they want to gather all of the facts before making a decision. We’ve heard Jason Garrett say a lot about how important it is to take emotion out of things. The easy emotion right now is to say, ‘Cut him.’ But is it the right emotion? There is no need to make a decision right now unless the facts they get in this case turn out to be far more serious. As of Feb. 6, I think the Cowboys keep him, but I don’t think they go into the season with any reliance on him to be anything more than a backup again. That’s why I don’t believe this affects the DeMarco Murray situation. If Murray walks, they’ll look to add a runner anyway. If he stays, then maybe Randle stays.

@toddarcher: At this time and what we know now, yes, I can see it happening, but I’d have to squint a lot for it to come into focus. It’s not a knock on Melvin Gordon or any of the higher-rated running backs: I just think the need for defense is more of a must-have than a running back. Yes, I saw the importance of a top runner to the Cowboys’ success in 2014. But I know they can move the ball with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant and I feel like they can find a runner in Rounds 3-5 perhaps that can help out if Murray does not re-sign. Personally, I’d rather keep Murray even if I have to go over what I might want to pay for him. But I'd only overpay him a little, though. If the price is too high, then find a back in free agency at half the cost and work more on the defense.

@toddarcher: I don’t know if Russell Wilson got a pass necessarily, but most of the discussion has been about the Seahawks’ decision to pass the ball and not run it. Pete Carroll has taken the most heat. I’ve wondered about this since the Super Bowl, and I can’t imagine the reaction if Romo threw a pick in that situation. I can’t imagine the reaction if Jason Garrett OK’d a pass there from Scott Linehan. People would be calling for jobs and they would be doing it every day since the game. Russell Wilson has not gotten off scot-free, but the criticism has not been as withering as the junk Romo would hear. I can say that without reservation.

@toddarcher: This is a great question because I think the Cowboys like to find buy-low free agents and see what they can do. Jerry Jones called it the incentive plan. Henry Melton was OK, but only OK. Anthony Spencer was solid. The trade for Rolando McClain worked beautifully with him on a one-year deal. To me, the current need is for a pass-rushing defensive end, so that would knock Nick Fairley from the discussion. He would play more of the nose tackle spot with the Cowboys, and I think he would require too much money while playing a spot that doesn’t see a lot of action. Brian Orakpo is intriguing. I know the Cowboys have a lot of respect for him and how hard he plays. They really think a lot of Ryan Kerrigan, too, speaking of Washington pass rushers. Orakpo has had three pectoral tears that have cost him games. That’s a red flag for sure. But if the money is low, then I can see that happening, but if I had an either/or I’d vote for Spencer returning.

@toddarcher: I’m guilty of doing this a lot too, trying to find previous connections and tie them to the Cowboys. Blame that thinking on Bill Parcells and Wade Phillips bringing in some of their guys in free agency. But it makes some sense to do it because they know the player and the player knows them. Clearly Rod Marinelli would know Charles Tillman. But he’s only played in 10 games the last two season and turns 34 later this month. I know the Cowboys could need some cornerback help, but I don’t know if signing an older player with an injury history makes much sense.