Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: I've been wondering the same thing lately and the next chance I get to ask Jerry Jones or Stephen Jones, that will be my first question. I don't know what the right answer is. I keep going back to Jason Garrett talking about building a program. Well, if you're building a program, I don't know if you view it in windows so much and you would always have to keep the salary cap at the forefront of your mind. But Romo has three, maybe four more years left at a high level, so there has to be something about wanting to maximize that time. I don't know that you can just have a "salary cap be damned" attitude, when it comes to this stuff. Just going crazy in free agency does not guarantee success. He who has the most money doesn't always win or make the smart decisions. I think there is a balance between maximizing the Romo window and maintaining some sort of solvency when it comes to the cap. I'll let you know what the Joneses say when I ask them this question.

@toddarcher: I'm assuming we're talking about Murray's contract. If you mean the full deal would be three years, $24 million, then no, that's not going to happen. The total contract, in my opinion, will be a five- or six-year deal that could average $7-$8 million a year. Now before you fall off your chair, just remember that total dollars in contracts mean nothing. The Cowboys can give Murray a seven-year, $100 million contract if they want but it would be all fluff. It would make the agent feel better. But you hit on something with the three years. The most important part will be the first three years of the deal. That's where almost all of the guaranteed money will be. So if you're looking at three years, $24 million in the first three, then I think that might be out of the Cowboys' price range. Maybe I'll be wrong, but I think they'll be in that $18-$21 million range in guaranteed money. Is that enough to keep Murray from testing the market?

@toddarcher: This is what I'm talking about from my previous answer. Every year we see big names attached to Dallas because everybody wants to play for the Cowboys -- or at least make other teams believe they want to play for the Cowboys. As for Suh, I just don't see it happening. I don't see the Cowboys willing to spend that kind of money on one player. They'd rather have three players for the price of one, and one of those players could be Tyrone Crawford, who is entering the final year of his contract. If you look at the roster right now, you have Crawford, Terrell McClain and Ken Bishop as 3-technique possibilities. Jeremy Mincey can move there in passing situations. While every team can use a Suh, I don't know that the "need" is there necessarily, especially at the cost. Again, I think the Cowboys would rather spend money on three guys in free agency to help that defense than one guy.

@toddarcher: To me, Oher would only be a fallback option. I've already said on a number of occasions I would keep Doug Free over Jermey Parnell. Well, I would keep Parnell before I went out and signed Oher. He's not the guy from the movie or the player he was early in his career. I'd rather keep the continuity of the line than sign a new guy and plug him in right away. To me, Free brings the most to the table because of what he brings as a leader of the group. If they signed Oher as a backup for little money, I'd be OK with that, but I wouldn't look at him as an upgrade to Free or Parnell.

@toddarcher: Why can't I say 8-8? Every team is designed to go 8-8. I don't know if Murray will be back. I don't know what will happen with Dez Bryant. I don't know who they sign in free agency or take in the draft. Oh well. Anyway, in a quick look at the opponents that include Seattle, New England and Green Bay, I'll go with 10-6. The easiest way to get to the playoffs is to win the division. As we stand right now, the division is not strong. The Cowboys have been the only team to consistently contend the past four years. The other teams have had good seasons and then dropped off. Well, Philly did before Chip Kelly arrived. The Eagles, Giants and Redskins all have major questions. The Cowboys have questions but have more pieces in place. So I'll go 10-6 and win the East. But please let me change my mind in the spring and summer.