Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

INDIANAPOLIS -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready. In it we discuss:

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@toddarcher: I don't think it will really. Larry Fitzgerald is older and he's already cashed in. The most recent deal that guaranteed him $22 million makes it entirely possible that he retires an Arizona Cardinal. Fitzgerald has reached his peak. Dez Bryant remains an ascending player. He will get more than the $22 million in guaranteed money if the Cowboys don't place the franchise tag on him. But I fully expect the Cowboys to put the franchise tag on him. If they get a multi-year deal done with him at some point I would think the guarantee would be in the $35-$45 million guarantee range. But that's why I think the franchise tag will happen not only this year but is a real possibility in 2016 as well.

@toddarcher: When you get this close to free agency it is difficult to get deals finalized because the players oftentimes want to see what is available to do them and teams aren't bowling folks over with deals at this juncture. So just call this a guess and maybe not even an educated one. For sure Dez Bryant stays because he will be on the franchise tag. I think Justin Durant will be back. I expect Doug Free to be back. I'm more doubtful about DeMarco Murray's chances of returning, but those thoughts change daily it seems. I'd say the same for Rolando McClain. I expect Bruce Carter to not come back. I believe Sterling Moore will return but I don't know if it will be at the restricted free-agent tender offer.

@toddarcher: You can't rule anything out when it comes to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys on draft day, but if I were a betting man I would say they are more likely to trade down and get more picks at this point. It's about acquiring players and the Cowboys need players. The more picks, the better chances you have. The Cowboys trust Will McClay to be able to find them players. If a team makes a splash move, then they usually think they are close to a Super Bowl. Stephen Jones and others like to say you're never one player away. And the Cowboys aren't one player away. They need a lot of help. With more picks, the more help you can get.

@toddarcher: A lot of it will depend on how Todd Gurley's surgically-repaired knee holds up here at the NFL scouting combine. If it checks out well, then he might go before the Cowboys pick at No. 27. Same with Melvin Gordon. Just about everybody has called this draft class of running backs the strongest in years. I would be surprised at this point if we don't see at least one go in the first round. But I can't say for sure the Cowboys would go with a first rounder at this point. They can look at DeMarco Murray as an example of finding a runner later in the draft. They got him in the third round. Murray's contract talks are a delicate balance and so is how they deal with possibly having to replace him should he sign elsewhere. If healthy, Gurley looks like he can be a special player.

@toddarcher: I think it would be smart to draft a cornerback. Maybe a couple of them. I know the Morris Claiborne trade has not worked out so far. Drafting Mike Jenkins in the first round didn't work out either. But I wouldn't let those bad experiences stop me from taking one early. Now, should you expect Patrick Peterson type production early? No. It does take time. It's a different game. They can't be as handsy as they are in college football. The receivers are better. The quarterbacks are a lot better. But I don't think there's any reason why a first or second rounder can't come in and start right away. One of their best drafted corners has been Orlando Scandrick. They got him in the fifth round and he was a contributor right away.