Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

IRVING, Texas -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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@toddarcher: When you are around the Cowboys you learn to never rule anything out, so I will not speak absolutely on what could happen between the Cowboys and Peterson. My opinion? I don't see it happening. There are just too many hoops to go through and that "financial discipline," that they were praised for just a few weeks ago would go out the window. It would take premium picks (top three rounds) to get Peterson out of Minnesota, provided the Vikings are even willing to do it. The Cowboys would not be able to fill needs elsewhere by giving up multiple picks. Then there's the cash and cap space. They will restructure Tony Romo's contract just to account for Hardy's roster bonuses, draft picks, injury settlements, practice squad players and the in-season signings. They could designate Brandon Carr a post-June 1 cut and free up $8 million but that doesn't cover Peterson's base salary. A restructure of Jason Witten's contract wouldn't give them enough cash either. Plus, they could get a runner in the draft that could do quite well with this offensive line at a fraction of the cost. Again, is it impossible? No, but it's close.

@toddarcher: It's tough to say right now. What if he receives a six-game suspension and is just OK for the 10 games he plays? I don't think they give him the money. If he puts up 10 sacks in those 10 games, then, sure I think they would spend money to keep him, and you would like to think Hardy would be appreciative of the opportunity the Cowboys gave him. Of course, you can be appreciative of that chance and still want the most money. The Cowboys could also have to answer the Bryant question in the 2016 offseason as well. I think it was shrewd of Drew Rosenhaus to put a clause in the deal that prevents the Cowboys from using the franchise or transition tags on Hardy. If he performs well, it puts pressure on the Cowboys to get a deal done before free agency.

@toddarcher: No, I don't see any chance Bryant would be reluctant to try something great again. First -- it was a catch. Second -- the NFL did nothing to really change or clarify the rule with what they did at the owners meetings. Third -- players don't think that way, especially Bryant. A play like that is spontaneous. It's an instinctive mood. In Bryant's mind -- and the mind of people watching the play without a rooting interest -- he caught the ball and was in the process of lunging for the end zone. Bryant can do things only a very few human beings can do. If he was in the same position to do what he did against Green Bay when they meet this year in the regular season, you can be assured he would do the same thing. Did I mention it was a catch?

@toddarcher: I'm not sure how anybody can say he can be The Man. He was OK in the preseason last year, but he has played in five regular-season games and averaged 2.8 yards per carry. I don't think the reason he wasn't on the 53-man roster last year had to do with his pass protection. To the Cowboys, he wasn't better than Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar. He will get another chance to show he's better this summer. If he's better, he'll get a chance, but, again, it wasn't his blocking that kept him off the roster. He doesn't cover kicks. He doesn't have kick return abilities. It would be a great story if he makes the team and has a great year, but there is no way the Cowboys can go into the season counting on him to be a difference-maker.

@toddarcher: Yes, I believe they will look for a receiver/returner in the draft. On the current roster, I don't see anybody who can bring the possibilities Dwayne Harris brought in the return game. To me, Dunbar would be a kick return option and Cole Beasley a punt return option. Harris was special in 2013 at both. They don't need special to contend, but they do need to have somebody who can flip field position. One guy that caught my eye during the college season was Kansas State's Tyler Lockett. I'm not about to predict the round he goes in, but he could be a valuable fourth receiver/returner type.