Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Greg Hardy edition

IRVING, Texas -- After a one week break, Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

Let’s call this the Greg Hardy edition:

  • A lighter suspension

  • The appeal process

  • Draft plans with Hardy's suspension

  • Trading up for a defensive end

  • Adding a veteran defensive end

Away we go:

@toddarcher: Based on precedent, I can see the suspension being reduced. Will it go from 10 games to four games? I would just be guessing. But we can look at the Adrian Peterson case. In court, the league was found to have applied the new personal conduct policy to Peterson despite his transgressions occurring under the former policy. The same argument can be made -- and likely will be made -- for Hardy. In his letter to Hardy, commissioner Roger Goodell said the penalty handed out would be the same under the new or old policy. There will be many maneuverings that will take place before the final suspension is decided, but the Peterson case would seem to help Hardy.

@toddarcher: I asked the NFL if there is a time frame as to when appeals are heard, and there does not appear to be a clock on these sorts of things. A lot of it will depend on the schedules of all the parties involved to be able to meet for hearings. The suspension does not start until Sept. 5, so technically there is time, but you would think Hardy and the Cowboys would want a resolution a lot sooner than that. But the league can work through this situation at its pace.

@toddarcher: I don't think it really affects the Cowboys' draft plan at all. Defensive end was a need whether Hardy was going to be available for six games or 16 games. As to the specific point about early in the first couple rounds, I think the plan will be the same: follow the draft board. If there is a defensive end available deemed worthy of a first- or second-round pick, take the guy. But I don't think they should reach for a defensive end just because of the Hardy suspension. That would undo all of their prep work leading into the draft. There will be opportunities to add a pass-rusher in next week's draft, but they don't need to force the plans so much to where they take a player not worthy of the draft spot.

@toddarcher: In Jerry Jones' world, everything and anything is possible, but doing something like this doesn't make much sense to me. The Cowboys have a plethora of needs, including defensive end. If they trade up for an elite prospect, then you're talking about moving from No. 27 into the top 10. They would have to give up way too much and not be able to address their other needs. They can find a defensive end that can help in the second or third rounds if none are there in the first round at No. 27.

@toddarcher: They will have a better handle on the money available to them from a salary-cap standpoint once the suspension is finalized, but let's not act like there are guys like Reggie White available now who can make a difference. Two years ago the Cowboys signed George Selvie in the first week of camp and saw him come up with a career-high seven sacks. That's the kind of guy available now in free agency, as camp approaches or as teams start to make cuts. I would have been in favor of keeping Anthony Spencer as Hardy insurance, so to speak. He was able to find a better spot with the New Orleans Saints for a coach he played for before (Rob Ryan) at a position he might feel more comfortable playing (outside linebacker in a 3-4). But even if the Cowboys kept Spencer, he wasn't going to be a massive difference-maker.