Byron Jones already knows Jason Garrett's message

IRVING, Texas -- When Byron Jones visited the Dallas Cowboys before the draft, there were a lot of things to like.

But when he heard Jason Garrett talk about "stacking good days on top of each other," he knew the Cowboys were the right place for him.

His first college coach, Randy Edsall, used the phrase frequently.

"He was always talking about winning the day, stacking good days on top of good days," Jones said. "I actually heard coach Garrett talk about it in my meeting, so that's prefect because I have lived by that quote ever since I was a freshman in college. So those guys in combination, that quote is going to stay with me for the rest of my life."

Jones had four coaches at Connecticut, including former Cowboys assistant Paul Pasqualoni, who gave the team a big endorsement in the draft. Bob Diaco became Jones' fourth coach last year.

"He was a coach who challenged me in ways most coaches didn't," Jones said. "He sat me down and I think he was one of the few coaches who told me, 'Hey, you could be a first-round pick if you work. You have the talent, you have everything you need, but you have to put the work in that is necessary to be a first-round talent.' He challenged me multiple times. After the second game of the season he said, 'Not good enough.' He sat me down in his office and he said, 'It's not good enough,' I didn't have bad games but it wasn't good enough to where I should be playing."

In Garrett, Jones has a coach who thinks and talks the same ways as Edsall and Diaco. He will hear about the process and moving on to the next snap.

But that's something he already knows.

"The mental aspect for me was always big," Jones said. "I was always able to put plays behind me whether good or bad. Never getting too high, never getting too low. That's important being consistent out there."