Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag, Part 1

IRVING, Texas – Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

Away we go:

@toddarcher: I'll take the question about Romo's back first: He has had no issues. He has been able to do more this offseason than he has the last two years and will be active in the organized team activities and minicamp. As to what life will be like without him, well, it all depends on if the Cowboys find his successor right away. I'm on record saying that whenever he retires or whenever the team decides to walk away from him, then that's the time to find the next starter. I think the days of developing a starter are over. You draft a guy early and play him right away. One thing that should benefit the Cowboys and his successor will be that offensive line. Let's say Romo plays three more years. That would put the unnamed rookie in position to play behind one of the best lines in football, and that's something not a lot of first-year starters can say.

@toddarcher: It's a great question and one I want to ask Jason Garrett the next time we see him. My feeling is they won't go for two more often, even if the analytics say going for the two-point conversion pays off more than the extra point. The Cowboys didn't go for two last year and have only done it when forced to go for it since Garrett took over. I think he'll continue to go that route. It's not an exact comparison, but Garrett loathes trick plays. The Cowboys simply don't use them. I think Garrett will continue to follow the same route with the point-after situations.

@toddarcher: That's not the sense I get. Lee has been cleared and if a player is cleared, he practices. I do think they need to make sure he doesn't try to do too much in May and June, but that's how I feel about a lot of more veteran types, like Romo, Jason Witten and some others. Every player needs work and maybe Lee needs some more with so much time off, but I wouldn't want to waste him in the spring. He said his knee is feeling great. He has had no setbacks. I don't think the Cowboys put him on any kind of noticeable pitch count in the spring.

@toddarcher: We'll see how they line up on the first day of organized team activities, but I think the job will go to Anthony Hitchens. He handled the job a little bit last year. Linebackers coach Matt Eberflus talked about different options at Sam with guys who play in the box (Hitchens), the edge (Kyle Wilber) or both (Keith Rivers). The Sam plays about 20 snaps a game, so it is more about finding a player with position flexibility. Hitchens can be that guy and be one of the two nickel linebackers when the Cowboys move to their sub-package defense.

@toddarcher: I'm surprised McClay's name did not come up more in general manager searches this offseason. There were some rumblings, but no interviews. Last year was his first full year running the show, so to speak, as far as putting the scouting department together, so maybe teams want to see a larger body of work. The Cowboys value McClay and he has loyalty to the organization that gave him a chance, but there should come a time where he will want to try it on his own. Given the configuration of the Cowboys' flow chart, McClay has maxed out where he can go in Dallas. It's still pretty high and it's still a good gig considering the leeway involved, but he won't be running the show. McClay has a great eye for talent, knows how to put together a team and can think like a coach. If the Cowboys succeed in 2015, I believe he will be on the top of a lot of interview lists.