Greg Hardy rap video, recorded last year, comes to light

Early Saturday morning, TMZ Sports released a rap video recorded last year by Ja Alan that featured Greg Hardy when he was with the Panthers. AP Photo/Brandon Wade

IRVING, Texas -- Greg Hardy has yet to play his first game with the Dallas Cowboys, but the defensive end has made his fair share of headlines in his first week back from a league suspension.

Early Saturday morning, TMZ released a rap video by Ja Alan that featured Hardy and was recorded in late 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina, while Hardy was with the Carolina Panthers and on the commissioner’s exempt list for a domestic violence incident involving a former girlfriend.

In one lyric in the video, Hardy says, "It’ll be a cold day in hell before your girl tries to play me."

The chorus is, "What you see is what you get. I’m just me. I’m just real and that’s what I do."

The Cowboys declined to comment Saturday about the video.

The unearthing of the video follows Tuesday's events, when Hardy said he hoped to come out "guns blazing" Sunday against the New England Patriots, and he made a comment about the wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady while deflecting questions about the circumstances that kept him out of the past 19 regular-season games.

Hardy was initially found guilty by a judge in July 2014 of assaulting and threatening to kill his then-girlfriend, and he was given a 60-day suspended sentence and 18 months of probation on misdemeanor charges. However, the sentence was set aside when Hardy appealed and requested a jury trial. Eventually the charges were dismissed when the accuser, Nicole Holder, chose not to cooperate with the district attorney.

Hardy was initially suspended 10 games by the NFL; it was reduced to four games on appeal.

He signed a one-year deal with the Cowboys that did not include any guaranteed money. The team has praised Hardy’s work ethic during the offseason program and training camp.

Speaking on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Friday, owner and general manager Jerry Jones defended Hardy -- to a degree.

"Here's the deal, unless he looks like he's contrite, unless he looks like he is just absolutely whipped, and really obviously sorry for what his situation, he's going to get criticized," Jones told the station. "We all know that. But he was in a football setting. Those questions that were being asked of him, the people who were asking those questions, those were not work place. We know some things are out of order if an attorney is talking to you or a sales person is talking to you and they're the opposite sex."

On Thursday, coach Jason Garrett said he addressed Hardy's comments from Tuesday immediately with the defensive end.

"That’s not how we want to operate as an organization," Garrett said. "Players and coaches in our organization understand that. We want to distinguish ourselves with our play, not with what we say. We want to define ourselves with what we do, not by what we say. I think Greg understands that now, and that’s how we want to proceed going forward."