Cowboys last in NFL in forcing turnovers

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The ignominious streak is now at 16 quarters and 255 plays.

The Dallas Cowboys have not forced a turnover since J.J. Wilcox's interception midway through the fourth quarter of their Week 2 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. This from a defense that's designed to force turnovers under defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who pays more attention to the turnover stat than any other.

Last year, the Cowboys ranked second in the NFL with 31 forced turnovers. Right now, the Cowboys rank last in the league with three turnovers. Philadelphia leads the NFL with 19 turnovers -- the league average is nine -- and the New York Giants lead the league in turnover differential at plus-10.

The Cowboys thought they had a turnover in the second quarter, when rookie safety Byron Jones apparently intercepted a ball that bounced off his toe and into the air where he caught it, but the play was overruled by replay.

"They’re just not coming. We’re not going to get them,” Morris Claiborne said. "I don’t really know. I’m at a loss for words myself with it. We just have to keep hammering at it. Hopefully when they come they won’t stop.”

While it’s good the Cowboys' defense held the Giants' to 289 yards, 13 first downs and one touchdown, Dallas didn’t take the ball away.

Teams that don't force a turnover are 14-37 this season. Dallas is 1-4.

“We haven’t made the plays when they were there,” Sean Lee said. “If you look all year, we’ve had opportunities with the football in our hands and we've dropped them. There were opportunities to strip and we haven’t made the plays.

“For us, we have to finish plays and we have to finish games. We can't have big plays and lapses. If you look at us last year, it’s something we did really well and this year we're not doing it as consistently.”