Jason Witten reacts to Martellus Bennett saying he 'hated' Cowboys tight end

FRISCO, Texas -- Jason Witten wasn’t able to catch the E:60 profile on NFL brothers Martellus and Michael Bennett. But Witten knew what his former Dallas Cowboys teammate Martellus Bennett said about him.

"Witten didn't talk to me when I was in Dallas. He didn't help me," Martellus Bennett said on the program. "Very rarely did we talk. I hated him. I hated Witten."

Bennett was a second-round pick of the Cowboys in 2008 and was with the team until 2011. Since then, he has played for the New York Giants, Chicago Bears and now the New England Patriots.

Always entertaining if not entirely productive, Bennett was unable to push Witten out of playing time in Dallas. He would contend that was on the coaches. Others might contend Bennett didn’t produce when given the opportunities.

Bennett's comment didn’t much bother Witten, who has been to 10 Pro Bowls in 14 years and is one of 13 players with more than 1,000 catches in NFL history.

"Busy schedule," Witten said with a smile. "I'll make sure to get around to that real quick to see it. I did hear about it. Marty is a good player. He really is. He enjoys entertaining, but I'm glad he's in a good place now and he's having a good year so far. He is. He's a good football player."