Todd McShay: Mark Barron 'does everything'

Several mock drafts have the Cowboys taking Alabama safety Mark Barron with the 14th overall pick.

ESPN's Todd McShay had these comments on Barron in a conference call with reporters:

"Barron, I don't know that he has elite, elite physical tools when you go back and look at some of the top-five, top-ten picks at safety, and there's just not many of them. But I don't see many weaknesses. He does everything pretty well. You can pick on how much range does he have. Is he your classic Ed Reed center-fielder type? No. But he's instinctive enough, gets in position, and I think can cover enough ground to easily. Certainly in a two-high safety look, he can get to the sideline and then occasionally if he's stuck in the middle third, I think he can hold up because he's so instinctive. But I love him against tight ends in man-to-man coverage, and obviously the value is rising in terms of that ability."

Another issue regarding Barron is whether the Cowboys would move up to get him.