Jerry Wipes go on the market

The Cowboys put out a new product for sale on their website Wednesday: Jerry Wipes.

The eyeglass microfiber cleaning cloth was created by the Cowboys owner's son-in-law, Shy Anderson. The wipes go for $2.99, with proceeds going to the Salvation Army's youth optical unit.

"I wasn’t in this to make any money," Anderson told ESPNDallas.com on Wednesday evening. "This has gone crazy and I just cleaned my father-in-law's glasses and it's taken to the water cooler."

During the Cowboys-Giants game last week, Anderson took Jones' glasses and wiped them with a handkerchief. Cameras caught Anderson, seated behind Jerry and Stephen Jones, in a moment that went viral.

Anderson said Jerry Jones was focused on watching tight end Jason Witten play in his first game since being cleared by doctors after suffering a lacerated spleen in the preseason.

"When he's watching the game he is so focused on the football and everything that goes on," Anderson said. "And he was really keen on Jason Witten, watching everywhere he goes and formations he's in. At one point he says, 'Where’s Jason?' Which cued me up to say, 'Jason is right there.' His glasses are all smudged up. His mind is going in so many directions I cleaned off his glasses and he goes, 'Wow I can actually see.' We didn’t think much of it and my phone blew up that night."

Anderson, who is married to Jones' daughter Charlotte, may not be able to cater to his father-in-law in Seattle for the Week 2 game, with his Arkansas Razorbacks hosting No. 1 Alabama.

"If we make five dollars, it all goes to the Salvation Army. If we make a $1,000, it goes there too," Anderson said. "Again, it took on a life of it's own. People are asking for them. I was shocked people are saying, 'I want one.'"