Jason Dufner's caddie wins a Caddy

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Dufner's caddie, Kevin Baile, had no idea that Dufner's win also meant he was driving off in a new Cadillac.

The caddie of the winner at the HP Byron Nelson Championship wins a Cadillac, starting in 2010 with Tony Navarro, who was on Adam Scott's bag at the time. Steve "Pepsi" Hale won the car last year when Keegan Bradley took home the trophy.

Baile is driving a 2003 Chevy Tahoe and was in need of an upgrade.

"I don't think he knew, but he definitely needed a new car," Dufner said. "That Tahoe he has at home is pretty beat up. Hopefully, he will be driving that car around Auburn and can get rid of that Tahoe."

Baile was pumped up when he found out.

"I've been looking for a new ride in the last couple of weeks," Baile said. "I know a couple of car salesmen friends that aren't going to be happy."