Savvy Thomas not quite ready to sky

DALLAS -- The Dallas Mavericks see Tim Thomas as a savvy, sweet-shooting, solid-defending, versatile, veteran frontcourt reserve.

They finally got a glimpse of the 32-year-old in game action during Wednesday night’s overtime win over the Spurs.

Thomas, who had minor knee surgery just before the beginning of training camp, didn’t have the chance to ease into the flow with Erick Dampier, Shawn Marion and Josh Howard sidelined. In 13 minutes, he played some small forward, some power forward and some center, contributing two points, two rebounds and some solid defense to the Mavs’ cause.

“Fortunately for him, his basketball IQ is terrific,” coach Rick Carlisle said.

Thomas’ basketball IQ is as high as ever, but that’s not the case with his vertical leap. He learned that the hard way after making a sweet spin move and going up for a highlight-reel tomahawk slam … and getting rejected by the back of the rim.

“I tried to make a move that I hadn’t made in a long time,” Thomas said with a laugh. “The knee told me that you’re better, but you’re not all the way there yet.”