Scatterhooping: Memphis 98, Dallas 82

With a knowing nod to a Dallas-Fort Worth newspaper legend, we're scatterhooping while wondering why so few Mavericks have also been Grizzlies. But as far as the Grizz go, I do wonder about Blue Edwards from time-to-time.

Neighbor Ben says you won't win many NBA games with zero free-throw attempts in the second half, which is what Dallas' box score shows. The Grizz only shot 6 free throws in the second half, but it didn’t matter because their shots weren’t that hotly contested. In a game where nobody was really too committed to guarding anyone, the Grizz made their shots and Dallas didn't.

O.J. Mayo was on fire early, going 6-for-7 in the first quarter for a healthy 14. When Mayo over/under-at-28-scenarios broke out in the ESPN Chat that neighbor Ben, Timmy Mac and myself were posted up in, I took the under because Memphis starts two black holes at small and power forward. Mayo only scored 13 the rest of the way -- not because the Mavs held him in check -- but because his starting forwards did. Neither Rudy Gay nor Zach Randolph are too keen on giving up the rock.

Dallas' shot selection was downright maddening. That's a tough watch. It's like watching your kiddos play with matches and you can't do anything about it

As far as I'm concerned, we should table all Hasheem Thabeet-as-Dikembe Mutombo talk until someone like Drew Gooden doesn't completely have his way with him.

Mike Conley is only shooting 40% this season, but his jumper looked solid tonight. The last few times I've seen him he's looked pretty shaky, but tonight he looked like his future is still pretty bright.

Shawn Marion is a guy who often gives you a chance to play the exciting parlor game "intentional glass or wild shot?"

Big Damp looked really good tonight. In a game where very few dudes were down to ride on the defensive side, he most definitely was interested in protecting his rim. I think Marion was into it too, but he’s not close to 100% so there were many times he was just behind the action. But that was due to injury in my estimation -- not effort.

Best example of the worthless nature of the +/- stat? Thabeet was tied for second on the Grizz with a +13.

And then there was the guy who was furious that the Mavs didn’t draft Sam Young when they had the chance.