Mavericks to protest at least three calls

Heated Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban plans to file protests with the league office regarding at least three calls, including two that were reviewed by the game officials, during Friday's 116-108 overtime loss to the Houston Rockets.

"We believe there were multiple misapplications of the rules," Cuban said.

*The first call perceived as objectionable by Cuban was a clear-path foul whistled on Jason Terry, who was guarding Kyle Lowry as Lowry quickly dribbled upcourt. Cuban contended that Terry beat Lowry into the frontcourt and therefore the clear-path call, giving Lowry two free throws and the Rockets the ball back, should not have been made.

With 7:37 left in the game, Ariza made both free throws and then Luis Scola scored on a scoop shot to make it a four-point possession to extend the Rockets' four-point lead to 88-81.

*With the score tied at 100-100 and 10.5 seconds left to play in the game, Rockets guard Aaron Brooks, defended by Mavs forward Shawn Marion, drove the lane looking for the winning basket. On his way, he lost control of the ball and fumbled it out of bounds. The clock stopped with 0.4 seconds to go, but the Mavs argued that time should be added to the clock.

The play was reviewed, but no time was added to the clock, even though televison replays appeared to show that 1.0 seconds remained on the clock when the ball hit out of bounds. The Mavs tried an out-of-bounds alley-oop play from Jason Kidd to Shawn Marion, but Marion couldn't get the shot off and the game went to overtime.

*Finally, in overtime, Brooks drew a flagrant foul trying to keep Mavs center Erick Dampier from scoring under the basket with 1:01 to go and the Rockets protecting a 110-104 lead. The play went to review and after an eight-minute delay, the officials determined that Dampier had intentionally elbowed Brooks after the play.

Dampier received a technical, his second of the game and was automatically ejected. Kris Humphries had to come off the bench to shoot Dampier's free throws, making one of two. Brooks made his technical free throw to restore the Rockets' six-point lead, 111-105. Cuban, though, claimed that because the foul was a Flagrant 1 and not the more physical Flagrant 2, that the call, by rule, was not reviewable and Dampier never should have been assessed the technical.

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle had little to say afterward about the calls, other than suggesting the league office will take a look.

"They'll get it right in New York, but I'm not going to spend money talking about what those guys did or didn't do," Carlisle said. "The people in New York will look at it and if they were wrong calls, technicals will be rescinded, flagrants will be rescinded. Whatever happens will happen. Everyone's money is better spent doing something else."