Marion out early at World Series of Poker

It was another first-round-and-out for Shawn Marion, or as the World Series of Poker official website put it: "Marion Puts Up a Brick!"

The Dallas Mavericks forward didn't last past the first day at the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas on Monday.

Marion's table was getting good camera time as ESPN will air parts of the four-day opening round of the tournament in coming months. Marion was one of 1,125 competitors on the first day. When it was clear he was about to be ousted, Marion, as posted on the WSOP website, said to his opponent: "You're trying to get me out of here, huh?"

And when Marion was gone, one of the players at the table said: "I guess that's the end of our TV time."

Marion posted a $10,000 entry fee for his one day of poker fun.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban told Marion not to take it too hard on his Twitter feed: "bummer about WSOP.. Way to give it a go. See you at summer league games!"