Josh Howard: 'They see a natural-born leader'

Is Josh Howard a natural-born leader? Ask the Dallas Mavericks and they might not be so quick to say yes. Ask Josh and, well, he might be quick to point out that he is, or at least that the Washington Wizards think he is.

In a Q&A with HoopsHype.com, Howard, recovering from ACL surgery, said the Wizards re-signed him during the offseason despite the uncertainty of his knee, because "they see a natural-born leader."

Here's an excerpt from that interview:

Why do you think the Wizards took a gamble on you? It’s not very common that a team makes an investment on a player that’s injured. Why do they have this confidence in you?

JH: They see a natural-born leader. They got a guy that loves to win games, loves to play, has a total enjoyment for the game… I appreciate that they gave me the chance and I will take advantage of it.

Do you feel your reputation is tarnished around the NBA after the incidents of the past few years?

JH: No, I wouldn’t say that. Those things are in the past. People go through situations and you have to better yourself from them. I think I’ve done that. I know I’ve done that. I know the Wizards know that. Them and other teams in the NBA.

What have you learned from those experiences?

JH: Just stay positive. Don’t try to hurt nobody’s feelings if anything, to put it that way. Just stay positive no matter what. That’s it.

How did you feel when Dallas traded you to Washington and how do you feel about it now?

JH: I went my way, they went their way. It just happened. I’m in DC and I’m trying to move on and I wish them the best. And I know they wish me the best.

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