Missing Melo would make for odd team

DALLAS -- These are strange days indeed for the Denver Nuggets. They're going through the beginning of the season usual, but in the backs of everybody's mind associated with the team is the fact that their star player, Carmelo Anthony, does not want to be there.

Anthony wants out. He's made it clear, but the organization isn't going to play on his terms, so we wait for the next shoe to drop.

"Very different team," Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry said of the Nuggets without their main man. "I know it’s definitely tough and it’s a minor distraction, but they’ve been dealing with it all summer. They seem to be handling it well, though."

Denver enters tonight's game at the AAC with a 3-2 record. Anthony is putting up the same All-Star-type statistics he has his entire career, averaging 24.2 points on 51.1 shooting. The Mavs held him to 20 points on 8-of-19 shooting in their first matchup on Wednesday.

"Melo is playing well, just as he was before all this started," Terry said. "He’s with it. The thing about Melo is he’s a professional. Anytime he laces them up, he’s going to go hard. And we noticed that right away last game."