Soft fouls won't fly with Rick Carlisle

DALLAS -- Rick Carlisle wasn't thrilled with aspects of his team's 102-89 win over the New Jersey Nets on Thursday. One area he addressed in Friday's film session was soft fouls under the basket and making sure teams earn their way to the free throw line starting with tomorrow night's rematch with the Utah Jazz.

Carlisle said he counted seven or eight touch fouls that either sent a Nets player to the free throw line for two shots or an and-1 opportunity. He said only twice did the Mavs offer up "playoff-style, hard fouls that you’ve got to take."

"We're not trying to hurt anyone, but you want to make sure the guy has to go earn points at the free throw line and not be able to waltz up there and add a third point," Carlisle said. "That’s where, off [Thursday] night, one of the obvious things we’ve got to do better."

The obvious portion of the game that hacked off Carlisle most was the third quarter when the Nets went 15-of-18 from the free throw line after getting to the stripe just four times in the first half. It enabled New Jersey to chop a 21-point deficit down to five.

"That’s a lack of concentration and we weren’t in [defensive] position," Carlisle said. "And so we’ve got to get that remedied for [Saturday] because [Saturday] is going to be an extremely physical game and you’ve got to make sure you’re braced for every possession."

Tyson Chandler laid blame on himself as he got nailed for three of his five fouls in the third quarter. He might not have re-entered the game at all in the fourth quarter if not for Ian Mahinmi giving up a soft foul on Brook Lopez for an and-1 opportunity at the 4:25 mark. Carlisle wasted no time in sitting Mahinmi after the foul.

"We didn’t do a good job of it [Thursday] night, myself, Ian," Chandler said. "We gave a couple guys just some and-1 buckets, gave some easy tap fouls and we can’t have that. That was one of the things we definitely have to clean up."