Mark Cuban visits, praises Nets owner

NEWARK, N.J. -- Mavericks Mark Cuban visited Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov in his suite at halftime of Saturday night's game and told the Russian billionaire he's a lot like himself.

"He's great for the NBA. That's what I told him," Cuban said. "He's ballsy, he's smart, he does it his way and doesn't give a [expletive] what other people think and doesn't mind [expletive] with people. That's a perfect combination. I told him we'd get along great."

Perhaps Prokhorov's invite to his suite was a goodwill gesture to his American counterpart after Cuban made a crude, albeit playful, comment about Prokhorov's ownership style when the Nets played in Dallas last month.

Prokhorov doesn't attend many Nets home games and unlike, Cuban, keeps a low profile in the privacy of a suite.

"We didn't bring it up," Cuban said smiling. "He's a good guy, a nice guy. He's having a good time. He's excited about it. He's excited about the move to Brooklyn."

Cuban, who sits on the baseline at nearly every Mavs home game and is visible seated behind the bench or, as in Saturday's case, at times seated courtside near the bench, said Prokhorov told him that he is 5-1 when he attends Nets home games.

"That's good," Cuban said after watching his Mavs win. "I'm glad he's 5-2 now."