Roddy Beaubois is close to untradeable

DALLAS -- Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has a message for the Charlotte Bobcats or any other team with designs on prying Roddy Beaubois from Dallas in a deadline trade: The kid isn't available.

"With a few exceptions," Cuban said prior to Saturday night's game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Without naming names (insert Carmelo Anthony here), Cuban made it clear it would take a superstar-type player in return for Cuban to relinquish the one young, up-and-comer on the Mavs' roster (no offense to first-round pick Dominique Jones, but he's not in that category yet).

Cuban reiterated his stance from about this time a year ago with the trade deadline just under a month away.

The Mavs have several trade assets in the form of expiring contracts starting with Caron Butler, who will rehab his surgurically repaired knee for the remainder of the final year on his $10.8 million contract. DeShawn Stevenson ($4.15 million), J.J. Barea ($1.8 million) and Brian Cardinal ($854,389) are also on expiring deals and can be used in a trade to make the money work.

Tyson Chandler is the final year of a contract that pays him $12.6 million. But, dealing Chandler is the last thing on the Mavs' mind. They'll desperately want to re-sign him this summer.

The Mavs have at least had internal discussions regarding several players such as Charlotte's Stephen Jackson, Detroit's Tayshaun Prince and Milwaukee's Corey Maggette, among others.

But, if those clubs have Beaubois at the top of their wish, Cuban says he will tell them to try again.

As for the chances the Mavs make a move before the deadline, Cuban said, "that's up to other teams."

As for the type of player becoming available that might make Cuban think about trading Beaubois?

"Basically, there's a month to go all over the map," Cuban said. "You can fall in and out of love with multiple players in a month."