Mavs stand pat, ready to make run

DALLAS -- The 14 players on the Mavericks roster before Thursday's trade deadline are the 14 the team will ride into the playoffs. Dallas didn't find a trade worth making and stood pat as the 2 p.m. deadline passed.

Mavs president Donnie Nelson stated the team's chemistry, leading to a 41-16 record, as the reason for little urgency to strike a deal.

"This group's got special chemistry and they've really earned the right to make a run for the roses," Nelson said. "We feel great about it and we're looking forward to the playoffs."

Mavs players have stated their desire to leave things as is. Tyson Chanler has proved a tremendous upgrade after being acquired in a trade last summer. And the recent acquisition of Peja Stojakovic, plus the return of Roddy Beaubois, have helped to bolster an already strong unit. The Mavs have won 14 of 15 games and are averaging well over 100 points during that stretch.

"It’s big. It’s big because what it does is it instills confidence in the guys that we have from management," Jason Terry said of the club sticking with what it's got. "We know they believe in us. We know we’re a strong team and all it does is reassure us of our thoughts.

"I know right here, with this team we have in Dallas, we’re a contender."

Nelson said he's right there with Jet. Nelson said the club had talks at some level with nearly every team in th league and Beaubois, the second-year guard with tremendous upside, was the most popular prize trying to be had. The Mavs were having none of it.

"Roddy is a very popular Maverick when it comes to receiving phone calls," Nelson said.

The Mavs held onto their most valuable asset leading up to the deadline, Caron Butler's expiring $10.6 million contract. Butler, who maintained that he would not be traded and has said he believes he will re-sign with Dallas in the offseason, was working out at the American Airlines Center as the deadline passed.

Nelson deemed a question about Butler's future with the team beyond this season a topic for the summer.

Ultimately, the Mavs believe they have constructed a deep team that can contend for a title and didn't want to mess with the obvious chemistry it has established. At the same time, the club didn't possess the necessary pieces, either a player or a high draft pick, to grab targeted players such as Detroit's Tayshaun Prince.

"You've got to give to get and we were not willing to give up any of our core rotation guys because you've got a unique thing in that locker room," Nelson said. "That's really what it came down to. It would have had to have been a complete over-the-top deal where it was an absolute no-brainer. Otherwise, we want to give these guys the freedom to make the run."

The top three teams in the West, the San Antonio Spurs Los Angeles Lakers and the Mavs all stood pat. What you see today is what you'll see in mid-April. It will be interesting.

The Mavs do have a roster spot that can be filled, but if the Mavs bring in an additional player it likely wouldnt' be much more than practice player.