Mavs' future brighter with Corey Brewer

Corey Brewer’s role on the Mavericks has been well analyzed despite the fact that he isn’t yet officially a member of the team.

For those wondering how a defensive wing stopper with offensive limitations can help the Mavs in this season’s title chase, I strongly recommend you check out the pieces written by ESPN 103.3’s Skin Wade and Rob Mahoney of True Hoop’s The Two Man Game.

Brewer’s ability to defend dudes like Kobe Bryant, Manu Ginobili and Kevin Durant during the Mavs’ playoff run is definitely intriguing. But, to me, the future is the most exciting thing about Brewer’s pending arrival in Dallas.

As ESPN.com’s Marc Stein reported, the Mavs aren’t renting Brewer for the rest of the season. He will sign a three-year deal in the $7-8 million range.

That’s a bargain for a former No. 7 overall pick who turns 25 this week. The challenge for the Mavs’ player development staff is to tap into the potential everybody saw in Brewer when he starred for two NCAA championship teams at Florida.

Brewer, who wasn’t necessarily a bust in Minnesota but certainly didn’t reach expectations, gives the Mavs three 25-and-under projects. He joins 23-year-old guard Rodrigue Beaubois and 24-year-old big man Ian Mahinmi to form a trio of dynamically athletic youngsters who are capable of filling roles during a playoff run and perhaps developing into core players within a couple of years. (OK, expectations are a little higher for Roddy B.)

The old Mavs are about to add to a youth contingent, which is already contributing to a contender, without giving up any assets. Brewer should make the Mavs better this season and make the future a bit brighter.