Mavs succeed in cutting out the alley-oop

DALLAS -- The Dallas Mavericks shored up some problem areas from Game 1. First on the list was reducing the number of Portland Trail Blazers alley-oops, which stood at six in Game, five to LaMarcus Aldridge.

Those dunks accounted for 15 percent of Portland's offense, but in Game 2, the Mavs limited the high-flying play to one. Aldridge slammed it home late in the first half and that was that.

"We took a way five lobs, which helped," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said.

Those lobs in Game 1 helped to give Portland a massive 46-18 advantage in points in the paint. That category evened out in Game 2 with Portland still winning it, but by only a 38-36 margin.

The Blazers did take advantage of several leak outs and after made baskets as well, led by Gerald Wallace. Game film on Wednesday morning will re-focus on transition defense.

"Now we're going to have to take them down on transition points," Carlisle said. "Every game they're going to find another way to get us and we're going to find ways to get them. Even though they're a low-possession team, Portland is very clever at running out, not only after misses but after makes."