B.S. Report: Tyson Chandler may consider overseas

Bill Simmons talks to Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler about winning the NBA title, the current lockout, the tough years in Chicago to start his career and more.

Chandler's observations on the lockout:

"I'm involved as far as talking to other players and my peers and seeing what's going on. I'll be a part of regional meetings coming up. I think that we need to take a stand as players. We are the product and we put on the show. The owners are trying to take the game away from us. I feel like it's unfair bargaining."

Has he given thought to playing overseas?

"I thought about it. The only reason why I haven't taken the step is because I played a lot of games last summer with the USA team, then went through a full season this year and reached the NBA championship. I feel like I needed a little rest. But if it starts getting deep, I'm definitely going to think of different avenues to keep myself in shape. You start getting that itch. You want to get out there and play. I can't say that I won't do it. I'm a competitor and I love to play. If the game is taken away from me long enough, I'm going to want to do something."

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