Lockout means another Mavs Fantasy Camp

If the Dallas Mavericks are putting on yet another Fantasy Camp, it must mean the NBA lockout remains in full swing.

The latest Fantasy Camp on the floor of the American Airlines Center practice court will take place Nov. 18, the night the Mavs were supposed to play host to the Sacramento Kings. The third installment of the Fantasy Camp will allow those participants age 23 and up to receive world-class coaching from the world champion Mavs coaching staff. Coach Rick Carlisle and president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson will welcome each camper as you sign a one-day contract.

The only catch is you won't get paid for signing that contract. You do the paying. Cost to the camp is $650, but if you register before Nov. 7, you'll pay only $500. But do it quickly, the Mavs report that 54 campers took part in the first two camps. This time around, 32 spots will be open.

Registration is now available online at mavs.com.

Here's how the camp will work: There will be four teams comprised of eight campers each. In addition to the Mavs alumni assigned to coach each team, they will be assigned a support staff member who will be available for instruction on shooting techniques, defensive skills as well as basketball strategy.

Here's what else each camper will receive:

§ Meet & greet with Mavs coaches, legends, training staff and President of Basketball Operations, Donnie Nelson

§ Sign a Mavs-for-a-Day Contract

§ Coached by the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks coaching staff

§ Official adidas Mavs practice gear

§ Photo with the Larry O’Brien trophy

§ Nameplate, which will be placed over a locker in the Mavs Locker Room

§ Opportunity to play on Mavs practice court

§ Breakfast and lunch provided by caterers of the team