Story is Lamar Odom's loafing, not Mark Cuban's yelling

If Mark Cuban yelling at a player was always headline news, we’d never have time to write about anything else around these parts.

As Cuban told ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s Ben Rogers via text: “I yell at all of our guys. From top to bottom when I think they need to hear it.”

No, Cuban yelling at Lamar Odom during Tuesday night’s win over the Knicks isn’t a huge story, and Cuban points out that Odom wasn’t the only player who was the target of his raised voice that night.

Odom took to Twitter to do his part in putting out this mini-firestorm, which was sparked by a series of tweets by New York Daily News scribe Frank Isola.

“Me and Marc Cuban are cool! Frank u can't lie 4 a story. Unethical Bro,” Odom tweeted.

A misspelling can be forgiven in the NBA, even if it’s the name of the man who signs the checks. Loafing shouldn’t be so easily overlooked.

And that’s the real story here. Who cares that Cuban yelled at a player? Let’s focus on why he yelled at Khloe’s little Lam Lam.

Cuban’s little outburst came after one of Odom’s least energetic sequences of the season, and that’s really saying something. Odom failed to get past midcourt on a Mavs transition possession and still allowed Landry Fields to run right by him for an uncontested layup.

A few games back from a bizarre 10-day hiatus, less than a week after coach Rick Carlisle publicly demanded that Odom play like his "pants are on fire," and Odom doesn't even bother running the floor in either direction?

Cuban has been yelling at players since he was an anonymous fan. That’s not going to change.

Odom has been loafing all season. That has to change.