Mark Cuban's problems with Ross Perot Jr. continue

DALLAS -- A judge denied Ross Perot Jr.’s lawsuit claiming that Mark Cuban mismanaged the Mavericks, but the man who sold Cuban the team continues to be a nuisance for the current owner.

Perot couldn’t beat Cuban in the courtroom, with Cuban’s lawyer running up the score a bit by filing a court brief that consisted primarily of a photograph of Cuban holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy during the championship celebration on the AmericanAirlines Arena floor. Now, Perot is trying to take the fight to the parking lots.

Specifically, Perot is flexing his muscles with the parking lots he still partially controls around the American Airlines Center. Within the last week, those lots suddenly weren’t open for Mavs games until 5:30 p.m., an inconvenience to many people who work at the arena (including media).

“He’s just being himself. That’s just who he is,” Cuban said of Perot, rolling his eyes.

In Perot’s failed lawsuit, he accused Cuban of being “careless and reckless” in his decision-making with the Mavericks, causing Perot's Hillwood Investment Properties III, Ltd., to "lose substantial investment value." Cuban doesn’t deny that he’s made some mistakes during his dozen-year ownership tenure, and allowing Perot Jr. to keep a 5 percent share of the franchise stands out among them.

“Allowing Ross to remain with the Mavs continues to be one of the worst decisions that I’ve ever made, if not the worst,” Cuban said.