It's official: Mavs headed to Germany, Spain

The NBA announced Monday that the Dallas Mavericks will spend a portion of their training camp in Europe and will play two games, one in Berlin and another in Barcelona.

The Mavs will play eight-time German Champions Alba Berlin at the 02 World Arena on Oct. 6. A second game in Spain will also be played, but those details, the league said, have not been finalized.

The Boston Celtics will also take part in the NBA's Europe Live 2012, with stops in Istanbul, Turkey and Milan, Italy.

For Mavs superstar Dirk Nowitzki, this first official trip home is long overdue.

In February, when news of the trip first became known, Nowitzki said: "I think it’s been long overdue. A couple years ago there was a game in Kolnarena [in Cologne, Germany] where Phoenix played Philly and everyone was like, 'Where are the Mavs at?' So, it’s been disappointing to see all these teams go over there and play and we were never a part of it. I think it’s going to be great."

Because of the travel overseas, the Mavs and Celtics are expected to open training camp in late September.