Delonte West recruits Deron Williams on Twitter

Delonte West took to Twitter late Wednesday night to try convincing Deron Williams to sign with the Mavericks. Williams is reportedly going to decide between staying with the Brooklyn Nets and joining his hometown Mavericks.

West, like Williams, will be a free agent when the market opens Sunday. So even if Williams takes West's advice, there's no guarantee West will be around to play alongside him.

There was no indication Williams saw the messages West sent just before midnight, but the Twitterverse took notice as Delonte West soon became a trending topic in Dallas.

Here are the tweets from West to Williams, although West (@CharleeRedz13) didn't use Williams' Twitter handle (@deronwilliams) in the messages:

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Delonte to D-Will

Delonte West's pitch to Deron Williams:

Storified by · Wed, Jun 27 2012 22:32:06

A Dwill...u need to come to Dallas mane man...we got a chance to win a championship here dog....dirk be the best playa u ever played with..Delonte West

Real talk...I know it's a Lil more mOney over der but u home here...fam support here... Town gon love ya...plus u got a team that can do itDelonte West

And u got d best owner in all sports...nest practice facility...and a coach that UNDERSTANDS...real dude like urself...trust me homie...Delonte West

I wouldn't lie to ya...let's get it.....we can win the weastern conference no problem..u 20+.. Dirk20+...when u need a breather...I gotchaDelonte West