Mark Cuban's free agent HQ will be L.A.

Plenty of Dallas Mavericks -- and soon-to-be free agent Mavs -- will be suiting up Saturday in Dirk Nowitzki's Heroes Celebrity baseball game, including Delonte West, Brian Cardinal, Jason Terry, Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle.

One notable absence will be slugger Mark Cuban. And no, with free agency opening at midnight, the Mavs owner won't be waiting on Deron Williams' Manhattan doorstep with roses and a box of chocolates counting down to midnight.

Another business deal is taking him away.

"We start shooting 'Shark Tank,'" Cuban said late Thursday night after the Mavs wrapped up the NBA draft by trading out of the No. 17 pick and acquiring three players. "The show’s doing too well."

Cuban said the show is doing so well that they're shooting 22 episodes this summer instead of 13 and that he'll be in Los Angeles for the better part of three weeks.

He said not to worry about free agency, that all bases are covered.

"Trust me, we’ve got the whole plan for free agency. We’ve got the whole plan set up," Cuban said, without divulging details. "We’ve got the first frontal attack, second frontal attack, plan A, B, C, D. I’ll be in L.A. on the phone, same as I was two years ago, same as I’ve always been, but we’ll have people on peoples’ doorsteps."