Elton Brand: Dallas is a great fit for me

New Maverick Elton Brand talks about his role with the team, shares an ironic Lamar Odom story that DFW fans can relate to, Dirk's status as an elite player and much more.

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On whether Dirk is still a viable No. 1 option or if Father Time is catching up with him:

Um, yeah very viable. You know he’s such a matchup problem for any big guy. He has a lot left in the tank, I myself, I have a lot left in the tank. But Father Time it’s true. You know you’re not as spry as you were, you don’t jump as high, but the knowledge of the game and knowing how to play definitely helps a lot of guys out.

On how it felt to get amnestied:

Yeah you know it definitely wasn’t embarrassing because we led the team to the playoffs and the year before that I was the leader in scoring and rebounding and stuff like that but it certainly doesn’t feel good. You know, I like the word amnestied because a lot of people don’t know what it means so it’s much better than saying he got cut. It’s like I didn’t get cut, I got amnestied.

But definitely you got a chip on your shoulder, and you just want to say hey you know I can really play, so I equate it to a CEO of a company that got released that doesn’t mean they can’t go to another company and help lead that company or help be a productive part of that company.

On playing AAU basketball with Lamar Odom:

I swear, this is not a dig at Lamar, but he left our team … I swear it’s a true story. Ron [Artest] and I, we played all the way up until we graduated high school. Lamar left our team in ninth/tenth grade and went to another team I swear true story. So he didn’t play all the way up.

On getting to play alongside Chris Kaman again:

He’s quirky, but he’s fun loving. He likes to hunt and be in nature, but you know that’s not my style but he’ll make fun of me because I like my life. You know I like to live.

I have so many stories with him, but I’d say one is he was trying to get me to go hunting and he kind of chastised me because I didn’t want to get on a boat and hunt an alligator. He hunts everything. He hunts all types of stuff. He likes hunting on land. He has all types of guns and I don’t know. But he’s quirky, and he’s safety first you know he hasn’t done anything bad but yeah he likes to have fun.