Is Dirk Nowitzki on path to wedded bliss?

Dirk Nowitzki is as accessible as any modern-day sports superstar when he's around the game. Away from it, he's as private as any superstar possibly can be.

That his Valentine's Day engagement to Jessica Olsson didn't leak out for some months later shouldn't have come as a shocker.

And the fact that Dirk's wedding plans aren't exactly front-page news should be of no surprise either. A few weeks ago, in fact, the Dallas Mavericks' PR department had to step in to classify Internet reports that the couple had married as being wrong.

The 7-footer's path to eventual wedded bliss, however, might be taking on a globetrotting feel with at least a couple stops as the summer unfolds.

The website newstimeafrica.com has an account of the couple taking part recently in a traditional African ceremony in Kenya, Olsson's mother's native home. This photo certainly hints at a festive ceremony.

Dirk, 34, is quoted in the article as saying, "This is one of two wedding set-ups that we have planned to undertake and the ceremony has been very beautiful."

The location of the second ceremony is not known. So don't be stunned if Dirk is officially a married man well before we actually know about it.

That's just his style.