Mark Cuban: I'll sign Dirk Nowitzki until he's 73

DALLAS – There isn’t much that Mark Cuban likes talking publicly about less than potential personnel moves.

That even applies to the little nugget that Dirk Nowitzki dropped when he said he planned to play a couple of more seasons after his current contract expires in the summer of 2014. That’s good news to Cuban, but he said it’s not a topic for now because he doesn’t like looking that far ahead.

However, Cuban was clear that it will be up to Dirk to decide when he’s done in Dallas. The Mavs will keep signing the face of their franchise as long as Nowitzki is willing and able to lace up his Nikes and play.

“Obviously I’m excited if he thinks he’s going to come back,” Cuban said. “I want him to come back for forever. I’ll keep on signing him until he’s 73 if he wants to keep on playing.”