DeMarcus Cousins: O.J. Mayo doesn't have 'great image'

It doesn’t sound as if Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins appreciated the harsh advice he received from O.J. Mayo.

Mayo, who was mad after Cousins’ fist collided with Mayo’s groin area Monday night, called Cousins out for having “mental issues” and a “big maturity problem.” Mayo added that Cousins had the talent to the face of the Kings’ franchise, but he needed to grow up.

"I heard," Cousins said Tuesday, according to the Sacramento Bee. "This coming from a guy that doesn't have a great image himself. So what does his really mean? I'm fine with it."

Mayo’s track record includes trouble with the NCAA for receiving improper benefits during his one season at USC, a fight on the Grizzlies’ team plane with teammate Tony Allen over a gambling debt and a 10-game suspension for testing positive for a steroid in January 2011. As a third overall pick, his four-season stint in Memphis was admittedly disappointing.

However, Mayo has been a model citizen and blossoming star since signing this summer with the Mavericks, who rave about his work ethic and professional approach. Mayo ranks eighth in the NBA in scoring with 20.8 points per game, but Cousins isn’t impressed.

"Is he a franchise player?" Cousins said. "So how is he going to tell me what I am?"

Cousins is sticking to his story about the below-the-belt shot being unintentional.

"In slow motion, it looks like I did it on purpose," Cousins said. "But you look in real speed, you see what happened. Of course it's gonna get thrown out there that I did it on purpose."

Cousins, who was suspended for two games earlier this season for a postgame confrontation with Spurs color commentator Sean Elliott, told Sacramento reporters that he hasn’t heard from the NBA office and didn’t expect to be disciplined. A league spokesman declined to say if the league was reviewing the incident.